Special training on COVID-19, fighting for safety at work

Leaders and Stewards of UE Locals 150, 160 & 170 are invited to a special online training on resources for responding to COVID-19 in the workplace.

Two times available:

Thursday, April 23 at 6 pm ET and 

Friday, April 24 at 12 Noon ET.

The UE Education Department will host this training over Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before, more instructions are below.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the many resources UE now has available for you at ueunion.org/covid19. You’ll also hear about how fellow UE members are fighting for better working conditions to protect themselves and their families from this deadly virus.

How to join the training:

Thursday, April 23, 6 pm ET  

Via Video or conference call VIDEO ZOOM available at https://zoom.us/j/92863837716?pwd=amx4YXp0WEVVWkIyd2FXNWFDQStOZz09&status=success

From a smart phone or computer, click the link above. Or you can call: One tap mobile: +16468769923,,92863837716#   

Or just call 646 876 9923   Meeting ID: 928 6383 7716  —  Password: 708796

Friday, April 24, Noon (12 pm) ET 

Via Video or conference callVIDEO ZOOM available at https://zoom.us/j/97565679987?pwd=dlU2WVk2WkRvVlFmaU5oWTJ2MmlUdz09

From a smart phone or computer, click the link above. Or you can call: One tap mobile: +16468769923,,97565679987#   

Or just call 646 876 9923   Meeting ID: 975 6567 9987  —  Password: 708796

First time using Zoom? More instructions here:

If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s pretty straightforward. You should plan to join the meeting from a device with a video camera if possible. If you want to use your smartphone to join, you’ll need to download the app in advance (apple or android). If you are joining from a computer, you should either plan to start the meeting a few minutes early and the zoom “client” (program) will download automatically, or you can download it in advance here.  

The zoom program will ask for permission to access your camera, and you should grant that so that others in our meeting can see you. However, if you choose not to do that, or if you join from a device without a camera, you can still see the screen that everyone else is seeing.

If you are using a computer, there are two options for audio: join from your computer or by phone. When the meeting starts, it will give you a pop-up screen like this:

If you have a working mic and speakers on your computer, you can click the “Join with Computer Audio” button. (If you don’t know if your mic or speakers work, you can test them.)

However if you don’t have that equipment, you’ll need to click the box in the upper lefthand corner that says “Phone Call.” This will give you instructions on how to dial in from your phone, like a regular conference call. It will give you a specific user ID that will link your phone audio with your video presence on the computer.

If you have other questions, try checking out Zoom’s extensive troubleshooting page.

If you don’t have access to a smartphone or computer, people can still join zoom meetings like a conference call. They just won’t be able to access many of the features in the meeting or see documents or images shared on the screen.


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