TAKE ACTION: Senate Budget SOLD OUT State Workers. Call Your Rep Today!

The State Senate passed their outrageous budget a few weeks back — literally giving corporations $13.9 BILLION in tax breaks (they want to completely eliminate corporate tax in next 5 years) , while only talking about a pathetic 1.5% for y’all. It’s outrageous. 

Right now the state NC House is debating its budget and should have it put by next Wed July 21. So now is a perfect time to call your Rep in House and keep pressure on. 

Pasted here is a flier our union put together about it. We are asking members to focus calls on Rep Donnie Lambeth who is one of the Sr chief budget writers with lots of power over the budget. 

ACTION #1: EVERYONE – Call Rep. Donnie Lambeth today at 919-733-5747
Tell him DHHS/UNC and all state workers deserve a REAL raise and SAFE staffing! Make the corporations pay their fair share of taxes!

ACTION #2: CALL REP in your County/Workplace:

CRH/Murdoch/RJ Blackley – Rep. Larry Yarborough (Granville Co.) 919-715-0850

Caswell – Rep. Chris Humphrey (Lenoir/Pitt Co.) 919-733-5995

Cherry/O’Berry–  Rep. John Bell (Wayne/Greene Co.) 919-715-3017
Longleaf – Rep. Linda Cooper-Suggs (Wilson Co.) 919-733-5898

UNC System – Rep. John Hardister (Education Appropriations and University Committee Chair) – 919-733-5191

ACTION #3:  Print and share with co-workers and family, ask them to call!


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