Political Action Day, May 16

Join UE150 Political Action Day 2024!

Push for safe staffing, fair pay, union rights and end to toxic work environment!

Thursday, May 16

9:00am – 2:00pm

State Legislative Building

16 W. Jones Street, Raleigh

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Join public workers from across North Carolina in Raleigh to challenge our state elected officials to address our concerns on our jobs and in our community!

State workers continue to work with record vacancy rates as our salaries are not keeping up with the skyrocketing cost of housing and food!

State workers will be demanding:

  • Raises to $20 per hour or 20%
  • Make Corporations and the Wealthy Pay their Fair Share of Taxes
  • End Toxic Work Environments
  • Safe Staffing
  • Stop Making us Pay to Come to Work – Free Parking & End Grad Worker Fees!
  • Repeal the Ban on Public Sector Collective Bargaining

UE150 will be providing free lunch and gas reimbursements to all members in good standing that attend this important annual event.

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