Solidarity Membership

Join UE Local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union

Supporting Members

As a supporting member of UE150, you will join a statewide union of workers to:

  • Improve workplace standards through collective action and meet-n-confer;
  • Reform state legislation for collective bargaining, Workers Bill of Rights including better wages, safety, stronger grievance procedures, end to discrimination, better staffing ratios, healthcare and other reforms;
  • Receive assistance to organize your co-workers at your workplace;
  • Make a difference for yourselves and your community.

In addition, as an UE150 at-large member you will receive our e-mail alerts on critical issues, and admission into our membership trainings, organizing brigades, community/labor forums and local conventions (but not vote).

Annual dues are $60 ($5 per month). To pay by mail: Make checks payable to UE150: PO Box 46263, Raleigh, NC 27620

Note: Workers from any workplace, public and private sector, are eligible to join as full dues-paying, $20 per month, at-large members.

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