Valley Protein Workers Deserve Just Pay and Safety on the Job!

Valley Protein workers deserve better pay, safety and fairness. All of the company profits come from the work that we do.

1. Hazard pay: We demand hazard pay retroactive to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, and ongoing hazard pay for work during a hurricane, flood or when emergency status is declared.

2. Compliance with labor law: We demand compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, especially regarding unpaid driver wait time. We demand that anypay unlawfully withheld be paid retroactively to all affected employees.

3. Compliance with industry standards on night shift differential: We demand that 3rd shift workers – both the plant and drivers – receive a 10% shift differential.

4. PAB (Performance Award Bonus): We demand fair treatment towards a workers PAB. Currently, the company unfairly takes workers PAB for any made up offence to exploit the worker out of their earned weekly PAB.

5. Plant workers & Drivers Reasonable schedules: Employee shifts should be 5 days worked per week, and no more than 10 hours per day. VP drivers regularly work 70 hours per week, 6 days each week. This results in severe fatigue and fosters an unsafe working environment.

6. New and safe equipment for workers to operate: Employees should be able to work and operate DOT inspected safe equipment. Plant workers have to operate outdated and unsafe yard jockey vehicles and hazardous equipment.

We firmly believe that these demands are within the ability of Valley Protein to provide to us. By signing this card, workers agree to take collective action to change the above mentioned issues, and request a Labor Board vote for a union at VP.

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