Valley Protein Workers Deliver Petition and Win Changes! Join us!

August 28, 2020

Valley Protein workers in Fayetteville have been meeting and organizing for several weeks now. We are currently circulating a petition, which has been delivered to management with over 50 workers signatures. Since the delivery we have already seen several wins such as:


  1. Management posted signs making wearing masks mandatory including for management.
  2. We are no longer required to climb 20 feet up in the air on the ladder to film the product coming in and out, the company finally is in compliance with USDA and has installed their own cameras on the wall.


  1. We can now use sick days on first day, no longer have to wait until 2nd sick day to get paid. But, we need many more paid sick days!
  2. Drivers have received for the first time ever a pre-pay breakdown sheet for each run.
  3. Workers no longer have to wait 15 minutes to water off their load at the drain pad.


  1. A worker has contested an unfair termination to the 3rd step of the company’s Grievance Process for the first time in known memory.


  1. Plant manager met with us AS A GROUP. In the past, management has only met with workers individually. But when we dropped off the petition, we requested a group meeting. Even though we were originally denied, we stood our ground and they arranged a time for our group to meet with them.
  2. Paul White wrote a memo on 7/29 directly addressing issues that we raised on our petition.

Join and build the Valley Protein Blue Collar Workers Organizing Committee, chapter of UE Local 150!!