Jan 26, 2017


This page is dedicated to The Carolina Auto, Aerospace and Machine Workers Union, which is the private sector manufacturing chapter of UE local 150


After Union Files Complaint with Labor Board, Uniform Policy Changed – WORKERS CAN WEAR UNION HATS IN THE PLANT AT WORK!


On October 26, 2016, RMEP Human Resource Director John J. Wolfe announced that previous uniform policy as relates hats and headwear distributed September 1 and 6, 2016 was rescinded. New guidelines were posted in NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES on the front and back entrance bulletin boards as well as team rooms and e mailed to plant employees.


The new policy states : “Jackets, sweatshirts, hats or headwear, etc., worn in working areas must be clear of graphics/painting/slogans, with the exception of Cummins apparel and insignia referring to unions, workplace matters of mutual concern, or other matters pertaining to working conditions for the purpose of mutual aid or protection that are protected by the National Labor Relations Act, which may be in any color.”


This policy revision came in response to the Union’s (CAAMWU-UE 150) unfair labor practice charges filed with Labor Board on September 2, the day after RMEP’s announcement of the policy revision that prohibited any hats with non-Cummins logos and insignia and non- Cummins colors (red and black), essentially prohibiting hats with union insignia and colors that are protected as workers rights under the National Labor Relations Act. On September 1, a security guard at the south gate asked workers to remove non-Cummins hats, including one worker wearing blue UE union hat (see UNITY NEWS, September 6, 2016)

The Employee and Union Member Guide to Labor Law, paragraph 1:75, states: “Employees have the right to wear union buttons, t-shirts, hats an other insignia to show support for the union while at work, unless the employer can show special circumstance that make a narrowly drawn prohibition lawful. Asking, suggesting to or ordering an employee not to wear a button is unlawful.”


Cummins Responds to 2014 Petition Signed by 540 RMEP Workers,

Announces Vacation Carry-Over


On December 7, 2016, RMEP Plant Manager John Judd announced the “final decision” from Cummins on RMEP carry-over vacation. Judd recalled he

promised in response to workers’ questions in all-    employee meetings in past year that he would pursue the restoration of 40 hours carry-over vacation for RMEP workers. This follows the petition signed by 540 RMEP workers in December 2014 that called for restoration of our 40 hours carryover vacation while Cummins workers in southern Indiana still retain 200 hours carryover vacation. Judd announced the corporate decision was made to implement “one time only” carry-over of 40 hrs vacation into 2017 but must be used in the first quarter of 2017.




Over 100 workers mostly from Machining signed petition to RMEP Plant Manager John Judd calling for the immediate reinstatement of Greg Brown, RMEP tooling technician in B Encore who was terminated in December 2015 for alleged lock out/tag out violation. According to machine operator Reggie Crooms, who was in machine with lock out applied, Brown was outside of the machine holding light to assist him. In August, NC Division of Employment Security appeals referee found that based on “competent evidence” Brown did not violate company lock out/tag out policy and was awarded $4,550 in unemployment benefits (see UNITY NEWS #160). The petition was delivered to Plant Manager Judd on November 18.



Following UNITY NEWS #160 on August 28 reporting that contracted C&W workers had not received their   annual raise, C&W workers received a 2% raise effective September 1. This is the third year in a row that C&W workers have not received their annual raise until it was reported in the Union’s UNITY NEWS.