UE150 Biannual Convention

Jul 25, 2016

Pictured above: Max Davis, President of the Durham City workers union chapter speaks about “Why Black lives matter at work”


UE Local 150 organized 9th Bi-Annual State Convention in Raleigh on July 16-17, 2016. Delegates from 16 workplaces from across the state gathered to discuss the current political landscape, to support the Black Lives Matter movement (and connect to our workplace struggles) and show important gains of the Fight for $15 movement and plan next steps for our coming 2 years of struggle!

UE-150-Biannual-Convention-6-17-16-Pic-1 Delegates to 9th Bi-Annual UE150 state convention gather in Raleigh weekend of July 16-17, 2016.

UE-150-Biannual-Convention-6-17-16-Pic-2 Secretary Treasurer Jim Wrenn gives financial report.

UE11Danielle Purifoy speaks on our panel about Black Lives Matter.

UE-150-Biannual-Convention-6-17-16-Pic-5Founding organizer Saladin Muhammad speaks about challenges facing the union and learning from our wealth of experiences.

UE1Raymond Sanders gives tribute to recently passed UE Field Organizer Omar El-Mulah.


UE2Founding member Don Cavellini from Greenville, NC speaks about some of union’s vibrant history and campaigns.


UE4City worker speaks out.


Ue5Abdul Burnette from Raise Up speaks about important connection between Fight for $15 campaign and UE150.


UE9City worker break-out group.

UE10Mental health worker break-out group.

UE12Manzoor Cheema from Muslims for Social Justice speaks about the important connections between Black workers movement and struggle against wars abroad and scapegoating of Muslims by US government.

UE13Newly elected officers gather around podium to wish sister President Larsene Taylor a well wishes on her retirement.


UE14Newly elected state UE150 officers swear to oath to alligance and defense of the UE, lead by national United Electrical Workers (UE) President Peter Knowlton. President elect – Nathenette Mayo, Vice President Donald L Harris, Chief Steward Raymond Sanders, Secretary Treasurer Jim Wrenn, Assistant Secretary Treasurer Bonita Johnson, and Trustee Regina Washington.


UE15  ECU professor member Zach Robinson talks about importance about international solidarity in trade union work.