Formation of a Retiree Committee

Jul 13, 2015

RESOLUTION:   Formation of a Retiree Committee:  A Wealth of Experience! 

Many valuable, strong-fighting UE150 members have retired over the last decade yet have continued to make contributions to the union by helping to sign up new members, develop new leaders, attend organizing blitzes,  handle grievances, organize Political Action, represent UE150 at functions organized by allies, and much more.

In order to fully utilize all the energy and resources from our retired members, we must build some level of organization amongst those members. This can help guide their work, and also allow a clear division of labor for their participation in the broader organization.

There are also many other recent retirees that were active before retirement and expressed interest staying active that have not been contacted recently.


  1. UE150 will create a formal Retiree Committee whose main tasks will be to help sign-up new members, assist in training new leaders, and participate in Political Action activities of the local;
  1. UE150 leaders will develop a list of all members that have retired in the last few years that were formerly active and invite to participate in this committee;
  1. Calls on all retired members to defend and improve Social Security and Medicare, promote passage of a national health care program, and vigorously defend company-paid health benefits for retirees.

Submitted by Al Locklear, Charlotte City chapter