UE150 Stands Against Islamophobia

Apr 2, 2017

UE150 Takes Action Against Islamophobia

On Saturday April 1st, at the Greensboro, NC, Workers Justice Center, union chapter delegates of the “Municipal City Workers Council/Summit” of the N.C. Public Service Workers -UE Local 150 , listened to a Muslim For Social Justice (MSJ) leader speak on an attack on the majority African American Winston-Salem Mosque and the broader Muslim community. This was followed by a critically important rank and file members’ discussion and the passing of a city workers’ summit resolution. The worker representatives from Greensboro, Charlotte, Durham, Winston -Salem, High Point and Raleigh also resolved to bring this resolution to our NC Public Service Workers Union – UE Local 150 statewide leadership and other community groups for discussion and adoption.

The resolution reads,

“Therefore, be it resolved that all city chapters will oppose and take action against Islamaphobia and all forms of discrimination, harassment , retaliation and injustice at our workplaces and in our communities based on any and all worker’s religion and ethnicity, including discrimination based on religious clothing, practice of religion or foreign language.”

Muslims for Social Justice stated that it is dedicated to work with UE Local 150 to recruit more members to UE Local 150 and build working class power.