Charlotte City Workers need Incentive & Guarantee with Forced Vaccination

Aug 16, 2021

Rally & Press Conference

Wednesday, August 18

4:30pm (Gather at 4pm)

Charlotte Water, 5730 General Commerce Dr

While the union is in full support of ALL WORKERS GETTING VACCINATED, since the only way we can recover from this pandemic is with herd immunity, we recognize it is your individual right to choose. The city is not yet requiring vaccinations, although many employers are now doing so. The city is now, as of Aug 19 requesting workers, at least in some departments, to bring in proof of vaccination. In preparation of this, we are uniting to demand that the city provide city workers some incentive and guarantees if vaccinated, such as:

  • Financial incentive — $250 + 2 Paid Days of Leave
  • Family security – extension of life insurance policy to workers that have negative or unexpected side effects to vaccine.
  • Expanded leave time – 80 hours of additional leave for use if sick or quarantining relative to COVID
  • Pension benefits – even workers not yet fully vested, they and their families should given 80% pension payments & healthcare benefits if the worker is unable to work due to side effects from vaccine.

Questions? Call Charlotte City Worker Union UE150 chapter President Dominic Harris at 704-954-9647