UE 150 President Address – 12/31/14

Jul 13, 2015

Dear NC Public Service Workers Union, UE Local 150 Members,
As the 2014 year comes to a close, our union’s elected board members have been reflecting on how this past year was unlike any other for North Carolina workers in the fight for dignity, respect, workers’ rights and social justice. As you review the attached highlights for 2014, you will note that we have created a solid reputation as an active rank and file member run engaged organization. We need you to become more actively involved in building our/your union in the fight for workers’ rights and justice.
UE 150 was engaged in many broad alliances with community, faith, labor unions and workers organizations. We continue to play a leading role with the state NAACP Historic Thousands on Jones Street Coalition that has evolved into the Moral Monday Forward Together Movement that challenges the Republican led NC legislative efforts to take away workers’ rights, social programs, and cut public school funding as they put more of our taxpayers funds in the pockets of the wealthy, just to name a few of the take aways. We have launched and won many local chapter workplace struggles from Charlotte & Durham City Workers Chapters to the DHHS Chapters to the CAAMWU/ RMEP in Rocky Mount. We have built alliances in this effort with the Southern Workers Assembly, local organizations and labor supporters. We have won some struggles and are still battling on others. However, we need your support in the year ahead!
You can see from the rising tide of working people resistance around police repression and misconduct by many working people across over 300 cities in the U.S. that if we pull together, we can put our need for workers’ rights and fairness on the top of this state and country’s agenda. Our movement made dropping the unjust charges against most of the Moral Monday Arrestees possible.
Please review the 2014 Highlights we have listed in the attached piece. Please consider why it is important during this historic period for you to be an active rank and file member and participant in some of the union chapter meetings, trainings, rallies, blitz and other union supported activities.
We are calling on you to come out and join UE 150’s delegation during our M.L. King Day activities around the state on Monday, January 19, 2015 & for the HKonJ March & Rally in Raleigh on Saturday, February 14, 2015.
Forward Together In Solidarity for 2015!!
UE Local 150 Executive Board Wishing you the best,
President Larsene Taylor 919 -273-2735
V/President Angaza Laughinghouse 919-231-2660
Treasurer Jim Wrenn 252-641-0294
Secretary Cherree’ Ruffin 919-750-2938
Chief-Stewaed Kevin Yancey 919-519-3391
DHHS Chair Darrion Smith 240-882-2102
Municipal Chair Nathanette Mayo 919-232-2660

Political Action Tameka Graham 919-705-5719